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The #1 Retirement Challenge That ‘No One Talks About’

CNBC | 2023

Author Talks: The Key to Happy Living

McKinsey & Company | 2023

‘The Good Life’ Apparently Requires Other People

The Boston Globe | 2023


Men with Happier Childhoods Have Stronger Relationships in Old Age

The Scientific American | 2016

What makes us happy and healthy?

CBS This Morning | 2016

The Secrets to a Happy Life, From a Harvard Study

New York Times | 2016


The Good Life

TEDxBeaconStreet | 2015


What Technology Can't Change About Happiness

Nautilus  | 2015


The Pursuit: A History of Happiness 

BackStory  | 2015


From Emotionally Crippled to Loving Personality

TEDxAmsterdam | 2014


Why to Exercise Today: To Beat Back the Toxic Stress of Life

90.9wbur | 2014


The Importance of Relationship to Health, Resilience, and Aging

The Couple Connection | 2014


What Makes Us Happy Revisited

The Atlantic | 2013 


What are the Secrets to a Happy Life

Greater Good Science Center | 2013


The 75 Year Study That Found the Secrets to a Fulfilling Life

Huffington Post | 2012


Psychiatrist GV on Secrets to a Long Life and a Bigger Salary

MacLeans | 2012


Why We Get Happier as We Age

VHIRtv | 2012


Decoding Keys to a Happy Life

Havard Gazzette | 2012


Triumphs of Experience

Harvard University Press | 2012


George Vaillant Positive Ageing Conference Community Plenary

Positive Aging | 2012


The Happiness Effect

World Health Organization | 2011


Need to Know

Public Broadcasting System | 2011


The Key to Happiness

Australian Broadcasting Corporation | 2010


What makes us happy?

The Atlantic | 2009


Showing anger is 'good for career'

The Telegraph | 2009


Understanding Successful Aging

Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center | 2007


The Talent for Aging Well

Harvard Magazine | 2001



12th Annual Symposium on Men's Health 

Massachusetts Medical Society | June 2014


Opening the Hand of Thought

PEFB | March 2014


Virtual Grand Rounds

Massachusetts General Hospital | Spring 2011


MGH Psychiatry Grand Rounds

Massachusetts General Hospital | September 2008


Glueck Luncheon 

Harvard University Gazette | May 1999


35th Reunion

Harvard-Radcliffe 1973



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