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We are now beginning to study the children of our original participants- the second generation of the Study of Adult Development. Our new project aims to study the effect of childhood experiences on midlife health.  We aim to use our rich data set to create a detailed model of how early events help shape our well-being in midlife. This project is currently funded by the National Institute on Aging.


We are just about to send participants this year’s annual Study Newsletter, which includes news about the progress of the study and updates about our study staff. Recipients will find that it is once again time to take part in the next phase of surveying, which they can do conveniently in an online, HIPPA-compliant, Qualtrics survey. Participants can expect an email or call soon to make sure we can get that to them! To date, 576 members of the study have gotten in contact and are looking forward to continuing their participation. We estimate that there are over 2,000 children of the Grant and Glueck cohorts living across the U.S. today, and we look forward to hopefully hearing from all of them. 


The Second Generation participants will undoubtedly provide irreplaceable information about aging across the lifespan.



Photo by SALTOnline / CC BY

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