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Harvard Study of Adult Development

Lab Updates

The TED Talk

Watch our director Dr. Robert Waldinger give his acclaimed TED Talk in Boston about lessons from the first generation Study of Adult Development.

The Guardian - The G2 Interview


Forget regret - how to have a happy life according to the world’s leading expert. Emine Saner interviews Dr. Waldinger about the Harvard Study, the loneliness epidemic, his long career, and The Good Life.

TED - 7 Years Later

After publishing The Good Life, Dr. Waldinger was invited to return to TED and share insights into how to identify and strengthen the relationships that impact your well-being most.

Sam Harris - The Long Game


Listen to Sam Harris sit down with Dr. Waldinger and discuss well-being; the connection between work and fulfillment; the primacy of relationships; the diminishing importance of wealth; introversion vs extroversion; mortality and loss; the guru-disciple relationship; and the possibility of enlightenment.

FiveThirtyEight - On Loneliness

Americans are spending more and more time alone, and more than a third reported experiencing “serious loneliness" in 2021. Galen Druke speaks Dr. Waldinger, about the lessons our findings have for loneliness, isolation, and politics in America.

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